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Hannah O’Brien and Grant Flick play a mix of original compositions and traditional pieces from various fiddling traditions. Initially connecting at the University of Michigan, they found common ground despite coming from different backgrounds with Hannah from Classical and Irish fiddling and Grant from American improvisational idioms. In 2021 they released their first duo record, “Windward,” and look forward to releasing their second record "Unmatched in Pair" in August 2024.

The duo has received multiple prizes including the Binkow Chamber Music Grant, U-M Excel Enterprise Grant, and the Club Passim Iguana Fund, as well as participating in the Honeywell Arts Resonance Week as Festival Artists.

While the duo feels at home on double fiddle, they also change instrumentation incorporating tenor guitar and nyckelharpa. Their musical interests are broad and as a result, their programs showcase an eclectic assemblage of repertoire.

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